Thursday, February 26, 2009

A lazy little post.

A truly random assortment of pictures, just because.

(Adah, adorable, Adah.)
(Elijah paints.)
(Good friend, Kelcey; her daughter, Lilikoi; baby goats and Elijah.)
(A new set of painted people for birthday niece, Alexia.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two Gifts.

Another attempt at Crochet: A headscarf for Jessica, Gabe's sister.
(Who shares my birthday, in January....yeah, it's a little late.)

And the other gift..... I've been working a bit. I am now working with 3 acquaintances to set up email marketing programs for their small businesses. I am helping them to build their lists, upload them into the mailing program, designing the newsletters and strategizing with them about how to best market to their clientele. Funny, huh? This is not something that I am trained in... marketing and design...and I have only minor amounts of self-taught experience in the work. Nonetheless, I've been busy with this and still not really sure where I am going with it. (Or where it is taking me. Maybe nowhere, after the job with these 3 is complete? That could be it.)
It's not something I planned for or envisioned for myself, but I am not turning away from the opportunity.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Snow Day with Daddy

Another blizzard here in Asheville. We are up to the roof line with snow... snow forts, giant snowmen, snow shoes, ice skating... yep!

Nope. But we did get about an inch over night. Which for a 2 year, who knows no different, was great! Here are some pictures of Daddy and E. having a "snowball fight" and "sledding".

Getting bundled up.

Teaching Elijah how to make snowballs

Get Mommy!

Daddy hits Elijah with a snowball!

Elijah gets Daddy!

Our attempt at sledding without a sled

Back inside and playing Firemen.
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