Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Full Term Update

I am now officially full term, and if the baby should decide to come today, my midwives would not try to stop labor and the baby would not be considered early. Praise the Lord!!

Technically, my due date is not until the 20th of March...and... both Adah and Elijah were 10 days late. So I am struggling to be realistic about how much longer we have until we meet this baby. It could be any day, could be 4 weeks from now!

But, you know what? I feel pretty good. I struggle with keeping worry and fear at bay, due to the recent loss in our family. I am uncomfortable. Its to be expected. But overall, I am just so grateful for this baby and for a very healthy pregnancy. I guess I will wait and try to enjoy the wait, too. What other choice do I have?!

Meanwhile, here are few pictures from the last few days.

The first set is from my laundry room midway through becoming, not just a laundry room, but a laundry room/ art studio. Its done now; complete with a desk, sewing table, shelves and organization. I am happy to say that today I did some "therapeutic painting" surrounding my hopes and fears concerning labor and delivery. It was a great feeling to sit down at my very own art desk, with all of my supplies easily at hand, and let something hidden come out. I would share what I created, but it is a bit too personal for this venue at this time:). With any good luck, I will be sharing some art in the coming months as I continue to explore my new space.

 Yes, that's my belly in the foreground.

We have one of Elijah ruling the roost in the fabulous backyard playhouse:

Next, a picture requested by Elijah, complete with Adah examining her hair beads mid-shot:

Yesterday, Gabe and Elijah built a little bird house. This morning, Adah and Elijah had a lot fun painting it:

Just to show you how modest I can pretend to be, and not at all vain... Hah! I am going to post a picture taken by Elijah while I was hanging the bird house. Its shot from a vvveeeerrry flattering upward angle, accentuating my rotund figure. And, I have a super- charming look on my face. The look, to me, says: "I've eaten 4 blueberry muffins today and I am exhausted from waddling out to the front yard." Which, by the way, was true. I post it as evidence of my full-term-ness.

Okay, to erase that image from your mind, I now present you with the proud birders posing with their creation: 

And now a close up...

Finally, Gabe found a great used woodstove insert on Craigslist and installed it himself, saving us $2500, the cost difference of buying a new stove and having it professionally installed. We bought this hoping to offset our $500/ month heating oil bill. I post these pictures as proof to naysayers (you know who you are:) that we made a good choice going the 'used-self install-money saving' route and that we aren't going to burn the house down. The house is nice and warm, just in time for spring:)!

You probably won't hear from me here until after the baby is born. But, I will post pictures and details when the time comes! Pray for us!