Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daddy's Day Off

  A relaxing day off is a rare thing around here. Because Gabe still (!) works 70 hours a week , there is always way too much to get caught up on when he's off. After all the house work type stuff is done and the errands are run, then we try to squeeze in some fun family time. Well, yard and house work be damned (excuse me!). It was high time for us to do something truly fitting for a day off, so we went for a picnic and swim at Triple Falls in Dupont State Forest and played games before bed and didn't mow the grass.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Elijah's Birthday!

I can hardly believe that its been 5 years since Gabe and I were blessed enough to bring our Elijah into the world. He is in turns extremely thoughtful and serious, then silly and wild. He is quick in mind and body. He's adventurous and brave, curious and observant. He's just the coolest. We have to thank God everyday for the blessing of Elijah.

His birthday weekend overlapped with the visit of Gabe's brother Micah and his family. The weekend was filled with one huge family gathering after another. Elijah is one of 20 grand kids on this side of the family.  It's a party! Whew! Here are a few pictures :

Gabe and Elijah rode go-carts to start the day.
We had a cookout with some of his favorite foods, burgers and corn on the cob.
We had cake and ice cream and presents (his favorite was a Transformer from Uncle Micah).
Oh, and a pinata and water balloons, what a blast!