Thursday, July 30, 2009

A little vent.

I would love to regale you with some witty or charming story concerning our ever-so fabulous and blog-able lives.

I wish I could display an intricate and compelling bit of art or craft for your viewing pleasure. Oh, and pass it off with an, "Aww, shucks! I just whipped that up in my spare time because I live my life that way: all effortlessly creative and productive every darn moment of the day. What, don't you?".

I wish I had some perfectly un-posed pictures shot from an uncanny angle to demonstrate just how naturally cool and unconventional we are here at Blessed Lessons, in real life.

Alas, my blogging spirit has run dry of late.

I've been trolling the internet too much lately, looking for inspiration for E.'s 3rd birthday party. And I'm stuffed uncomfortably-full with the overly present, wonder-mom bloggers: the amazingly inventive, always positive, organic and wholesome, creative moms who seem to rule the blogosphere; whose efforts to portray an effortlessly, fabulous life leave me with a saccharin taste and my mouth and the feeling that all I do... isn't enough.

Because, truth be told, these wonder-mom types have become to my mothering self-esteem what the fashion magazines are stereotyped for doing to our collective body images... putting up a false front that no one can really sustain day in and out. Ick. Enough, okay?

I try to take these blogs with a grain of salt and remind myself that they are meant to showcase the best of the best. Not the wet beds, the whining and rudeness, the teething, the exhaustion, the late bills, the blow ups and melt downs that mar one's bloggy image. Because one cannot be expected to compete with such mom-errific perfection... I tried, I can't.

I need a bottle of brain bleach and a major dose of self-love for all of my feeble attempts to craft a lovely life, a "in real life", life. I need to forget what all these other moms are doing and be proud of what I'm doing. Yep!

At any rate, I just wanted to pop in and say "hi" to my five faithful readers. Sorry for the rant; don't hold it against me, okay?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Adah's first word

For some time now, we've tried to determine if Adah was saying "Dada" referring to Gabe, her Daddy. She babbles "dadada" quite a lot and sometimes it really seems that she is referring to Gabe. Still, I am only 75% sure that she is referring to him and that she knows him as Dada.

However, last week she responded, out of the blue, to one of my many "Hi Adahs", with a perfectly breathy and sweet little "Hiiiiii". Of course, I initially thought it was a funny coincidence. But now, after more than a week of hearing her say "Hiiiii" to each of us when she wakes up in the morning (over and over again), and when Gabe gets home from work and to strangers in the store; I am sure that she is really saying "Hi". She says it at all the appropriate times and even sometimes adds a little wave, which you can see in the following video. I consider this to be Adah's first official word:

By the way, it is just so completely fitting that her first word is "hi". Not to be too stereotypical of gender roles, but she is such a social and interactive little girl who loves to smile and talk to anyone who will smile and talk back. Elijah's first words came simultaneously, "dog" and "ball", and that totally fits his all-boy personality.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Been a little busy...

enjoying summer with my family. Plus, I've got that job now. There hasn't been a lot of time for blogging. Hope you are enjoying your summer, too!