Sunday, July 12, 2009

Adah's first word

For some time now, we've tried to determine if Adah was saying "Dada" referring to Gabe, her Daddy. She babbles "dadada" quite a lot and sometimes it really seems that she is referring to Gabe. Still, I am only 75% sure that she is referring to him and that she knows him as Dada.

However, last week she responded, out of the blue, to one of my many "Hi Adahs", with a perfectly breathy and sweet little "Hiiiiii". Of course, I initially thought it was a funny coincidence. But now, after more than a week of hearing her say "Hiiiii" to each of us when she wakes up in the morning (over and over again), and when Gabe gets home from work and to strangers in the store; I am sure that she is really saying "Hi". She says it at all the appropriate times and even sometimes adds a little wave, which you can see in the following video. I consider this to be Adah's first official word:

By the way, it is just so completely fitting that her first word is "hi". Not to be too stereotypical of gender roles, but she is such a social and interactive little girl who loves to smile and talk to anyone who will smile and talk back. Elijah's first words came simultaneously, "dog" and "ball", and that totally fits his all-boy personality.


  1. That is too precious! She is getting so big too! I can't wait for Hailey and her to be able to play with eachother next time we see you guys!

  2. SO cute! I love how airy it sounds coming out of her sweet cheeks.....adorable