Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet Pepper...

We adopted a kitten. I don't know what we are thinking! It's a terrible way to start off a new pet relationship... wondering why you got the critter. But, really, do I need more to do? I am not the biggest pet person, honestly. I am sucker for helpless creatures, though. Darn that maternal instinct!

Enough of the doubt.. the kids love the little guy. They both are crazy about him, giggling and jockeying to play with him. They are gentle and kind to him, with supervision.

He's a sweet little fuzzball, very relaxed and affectionate. He loves to be held and is not afraid of the children.

Unfortunately, Liberty, our lab, eyes Pepper like a furry little snack strutting around the place. So,um, we need to work on that.

I find it hilarious that Adah and Pepper are amused by the same toys. They both get a tremendous kick out of a feather on a string, shiny little poof balls and anything that jingles or rattles :).


In other news, I had a professional resume writer create a really great resume for me. The resume makes me look far more qualified than I feel, without being untrue or misleading. That's a good resume, right? Funny thing is...before I even had a chance to use it, I landed a job! More on that later...

*For those of you wondering, I have no intentions of abandoning my family. I will be telecommuting for the job and only after my day with the children is done.:)

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