Sunday, August 16, 2009

Craggy Gardens

Late Summer brings another reason to step out into the beautiful mountains that surround us here in Western North Carolina and explore. A delicious reason: wild blueberries are in season! Who can resist their siren call?

Today we traveled up to Craggy Gardens: one of many, many places to pick the juicy beauties along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Craggy is a very popular spot in season, a bit too popular for our taste, but we choose Craggy because of the relative ease of the hiking.

The hike to the summit of Craggy Pinnacle and back is about 1.5 miles with a plethora of blueberry bushes just off the trail. Not to mention the stunning panoramic views at the summit. We wanted Elijah to have the satisfaction of making it to the top and back all on his own two feet and he did!

The temperature is about 10 degrees cooler up there and since it was a partially cloudy day we had the lovely experience of seeing and feeling the clouds, literally, surround us on the summit. So refreshing!

With the constant renovations, sometimes we forget to take time to step away from the work and enjoy God's Creation together as a family. I am so glad that we did just that today.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! It looks and sounds like a lovely day!