Monday, March 15, 2010

Look how they grow...

Elijah, 3.5 years old....

See that word 'cat'? He wrote that all by himself; no one was in the room, no one suggested it or helped him.  This might be bragging, but I was hugely impressed. I asked him what he was doing and he told me, "I'm spelling." I was a little taken a back by how well it was written and that it was, well, that it was a word! So, I questioned him further and he told me that he had written the word cat, "See?".  He said it with a bit of an attitude as if to say, "Can't you read?".  I love him, he's so cool.

Adah, 20 months old....

She is a little distressed because she is stuck in the cabinet. If she would have let go of the Thai flavored potato chips in both of her greasy paws, she probably could have climbed out. She loves to raid this cabinet, its full of snacks. I often find her fully tucked into the cabinet digging through a bag of chips or box of cereal. Its like her little secret lair of treats; if I had one, I'd probably be in it all day, too. I love her, too, a lot, a lot.

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  1. Brilliant boy! I am so impressed! And that cutie pie baby girl is pretty neat, too!
    Love you, Jenn