Monday, June 7, 2010


Tonight is the last night we will call this house "home".   We are off to our "Summer Home"- the apartments up the hill from Gabe's work. We will continue to search for our long term home while we enjoy the pool and the air conditioned, low maintenance convenience of apartment life. No doubt our new home will be all the more sweet after 6 months in the apartments. Along with no maintenance we will have no yard, no view, no privacy. No matter! We are going to make the most of this- its a short term adventure in our long lives together!
And life is good as long as we are together.  

Elijah sleeps soundly.
Perhaps he did not care to hear the 6:30 am train,
blare past our house, one last time.

Adah, asleep with her pocket new testament,
psalms and proverbs. Bless her little heart:)

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