Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ode to Adah

I thought because my first post was devoted to Elijah.. that my second post should obviously be an Ode to Adah.

First off, she is really beautiful, isn't she???

Sweet Adah! Only 3 months old, I barely know her. Her personality is just starting to emerge. Its like polishing a stone to uncover the jewel beneath. We are getting glimpses of her sparkle but her true inner beauty is yet to be revealed. So exciting!

For now, I just know that I love how her hands are both chubby and dainty.

I love her deep, deep blue eyes and her abundant cheeks.

Oh, and she is so quick with a smile. My favorite smile of the day is the first one, her pre-dawn full body wiggle and smile. She sees me in half light and a smile instantly crosses her face. She seems genuinely thrilled to see me there next to her as she wakes. I feel so loved.

I love how she nuzzles her face in the crook of my neck and squeezes her small arms around my neck. (sweet little baby hugs:)

I love her coos and giggles and especially the sound she makes when she is really excited, it's kind of a loud gasp or a inhaled squeal.

I love how she bears with Elijah's sometimes not- so- gentle attention. She never gets worked up or upset when he leans on her a little too heavily or squishes her cheeks with a bit too much gusto. It's like she already loves him, too.

I love her easy going, laid back demeanor. She already seems to have a "life is good, why worry?" attitude. What more can you ask for?

Precious Adah, she brings SUCH JOY to our lives!

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