Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our days are so full. There is always work to be done. Laundry, dishes, dinner, you know the drill. I make an effort to keep up with it all so that we have a clean, comfortable home. Not only for my sanity but also to bless Gabe who deserves to come home to a place of rest and peace, not a den of chaos.

When I get behind, and I always do, I try not to be too hard on myself. I want parenting to be the priority. Realistically, there has to be a balance between work and play, and that's the challenge everyday. I am not perfect but I make it my priority to put down the dish rag, let the folding wait, ignore the dust for a while and just have fun with my little ones. I want Elijah and Adah to remember our home as being full of love and happiness. I never want them to remember that "Mom was always busy, too busy for me."

Here are some of this week's happy excuses for letting the housework wait:

We were chatting about animal footprints and Elijah didn't quite seem to get it which led to the activity in this first set of pictures.

Adorable Adah practicing holding up her tremendous cheeks.

Here is Elijah scoping out the scene with his new "noculas", another fun craft project.

An oldie but a goodie: the egg carton ant!

And last some taken last week... we do other activities besides crafts, by the way, I just always seem to forget my camera on our outdoor adventures!

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  1. Totally worth it! Look at those cute projects. My favorite (well aside from the cheeks of course) is the footprint lesson. Good one!