Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Hat for Adah

My intentions are to post once or twice a week. Not a day goes by that I don't concoct ideas of potential topics to write about. So my intentions are good, the subject matter is there.... alas, I seem to be waylayed more often than I care to admit. This week's excuse was a migraine that made all good intentions and all coherent thoughts seem like impossible dreams.

I offer this quick little post to show off the bonnet I knit for Adah this week. I found my patterns on Knitting Pattern Central, a great resource for free patterns and all sorts of knitting how-to's. The bonnet was quick and easy to stitch up but I thought it needed it a little something so I added the flower from this hat.

What I like about this hat:
It was quick to make;
used less than one skein of yarn;
has the sweet old fashioned look I was going for.

What I don't like about it:
It rides a little high in the back leaving her neck a little exposed.
Because I knit it at night after she went to bed, I wasn't able to try it on her until I was done, and it ended up being a bit small.

She is going to outgrow it about 2 weeks:).... but I do have 4 pregnant women in my life, 3 of which have confirmed girls... maybe someone will want it for their little girl?

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  1. Adah looks SO cute in that hat! I am very impressed Liz. I can only dream of knitting a hat...