Monday, January 26, 2009

"Horn of Plenty" or "Plenty Cute!" ?

I submit for you my latest creation: a new hat for Adah.

I've always been a knitter, not a good one, but it's always been my yarn craft of choice. With that said, I recently taught myself to crochet just to avoid learning to knit in the round. Most hats Adah's size need to be knit of four needles. I've tried to knit on four needles; it was really frustrating. Because of that, I decided it was time to learn to crochet. Yes, I preferred to teach myself a whole new skill rather than subject myself to the annoyance of learning to knit on four needles.

After finding a pattern on Bev's Country Cottage, watching many crocheting videos on youtube and reading many tutorials; I got started. And let me say that, in general, I do not like the look of crochet. I'm rather fond a knitted look. Crochet looks a bit "granny" and 1970s to me. No offense to all the crochet lovers out there.

However, I soon found that I really enjoy the act of crocheting. It is very satisfying; I love the way the hook feels in my hand and the movement of crochet. It works up so quickly and is easy to recover when a mistake is made (the latter being critical for the enjoyment of a beginner like me.)

In the end, I am mostly pleased with my first crocheting effort. I love that this hat comes all the way down around her ears and face, keeping her cozy- warm, protected from our fickle January weather. And I really like the detail of this pattern.

But, I go between thinking this hat is stinkin' cute and super silly.
I keep asking Gabe if she looks like she's wearing tasseled horn of plenty? Of course, he says "noooooooo." I feel bad because of the way that moms (me) subject their little ones (her) to silly get-ups when they are too young to object. And then, I look again, and she looks so precious.

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  1. I vote super cute 100%
    and not just because I am a friend.