Thursday, May 21, 2009


( Somehow no pictures with the children facing forward.)

We had a baby dedication at our church this past Sunday. We asked to dedicate both Elijah and Adah. Here is what we promised in brief:

For Elijah Gabriel, our first born child and son, your name means My God is the Lord/ God is my might, may this be true for your whole life.

For Adah Lucia, our second born child, first daughter, your name means Adornment/ Light, may you be an Adorning Light.

We as your parents promise to:

Learn how to BE with Jesus, to make Him first in our life.
Protect our Covenant love for each other (our marriage).
Pray for you and your relationship to Jesus.
Nurture you in the Kingdom of God.
Disciple your self will asking your Heavenly Father for wisdom.
Seek God, even when life is full and complicated.
Ask your forgiveness when we make a mistake.
Forgive you when you make a mistake.
Lead you by example.
Persevere in our walk with God.

Each of these points was fleshed out and brought to life for us as we stood before our church family. The dedication was much more about Gabe and myself than E. and A. The focus was on our responsibility to God for their sakes.

It was sobering, authentic and already fruit is growing on the vines of those promises.

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  1. How beautiful, and how lucky E. and A. are to have such dedicated and loving parents.