Friday, December 11, 2009

I should be painting...

but I wanted to share some pics from some recent orders:

The two ladies and their goats ( Goat farmers from Australia)

Another super cute family from Australia.
Dad and son in their favorite football jerseys and Mom in her team's scarf.

A custom family from California....lots of little details in this one... little girl has a bicycle and a violin, son with his power drill and book, etc.

A nice and simple custom couple! They were really cute in pictures and as peg dolls.

My hand after painting. I hold the doll in my left hand and paint with my right.
So naturally, my left hand ends up being a paint palette.

 I will finish my last 8 orders this week, then I won't be painting until after the holidays are over. Yay!
I am looking forward to a little break to get my life back in order and to having some real quality time with the family during this precious time of year.


  1. They are all so super cute!!!
    It looks like you have been doing this for years...
    (and nice palate!)

  2. Found you on Etsy yesterday (06 Jan 2010) and was looking at your blog last night. These little people are just adorable. I look forward to ordering from you. Oh, love your blog. ~ Have a blessed and wonderful day! ~ Renee

  3. Oh almost forgot, love the pictures of the little people with the little cute! ~ Renee