Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Sunday

This is the first Sunday that Gabe has worked in quite some time. Since the grand opening of the new restaurant, he has worked 14-15 hours a day; leaving before nine most mornings and getting home after midnight most nights.He is running on a mixture of adrenaline and determination.  Here, on the home front, I am beginning to feel like a single mom. A very fortunate single mom, who has a tall, dark and handsome sugar-daddy to pays all the bills.

We have been so graciously invited to join several good friends at their wonderful new church for Sunday services. I debate with myself about visiting. I want to be able to go. But frankly, the idea of subjecting myself to 2.5 hours of wrestling, yes, wrestling greatly, with my 18 month old and my 3 year old, alone,  is just not appealing to me. Gabe and I do well together: teaching the children about sitting and listening and worshiping at church. It takes skill and teamwork. Teamwork, being the operative word here. They both do wonderfully: sweet, well behaved, quiet and attentive for about 25-30 minutes, tops.

Now, I dread the idea of dragging them out into the cold, right at Adah's naptime to try to make them sit and listen and behave and be quiet, all so I can pretend that I am listening to the teaching. When really, I can't focus on a single word that is being said because I am wrestling greatly with my sweet toddlers.

So this morning, we had church at home. The fire roared and we snuggled under a blanket in our pjs. We prayed, sang praises, and read from the bible and several children's devotionals. I taught on the birth of Jesus. It was relaxed and comfortable and precious. When the attention spans were all tapped out, we prayed a little more and had some lunch. Ahhh, peace.

After lunch we decided to brave it alone and head to The Big Crafty, Asheville's giant Indie crafts show. It was a madhouse: packed full of people and very hard to maneuver through with two children.

 The primary reason I went was to cheer on my good friend Kelcey Loomer who was there selling her AMAZING art. I was so proud of her! She had an eye-poppingly gorgeous selection of original artwork, prints, ornaments and pendants. Honestly, her work was the most beautiful of anything else there today. Her goods were cut far above all of the other 99 vendors.  And it seemed to be evident, not just to me, but all the people who really mattered, the people who were there to shop (unlike me). She was so busy making sales that I was only able to give her a quick hug and tell her how incredible her paintings were before she needed to get back to her customers. Kelcey has always been one of my favorite artists and very, very talented. It is just so exciting to now see her successfully selling her work all while being a full time mom to one and half children.

After the Big Crafty,  we headed over to Piazza to spend a little time with Daddy and enjoy a delicious dinner. He was busy as usual, but were able to get a little face time with him.

Then home for bath, books, games, and snuggles.  All in all, it was a good day.  I won't lie though, I would have rather been at home with Gabe asleep on the couch, football blaring in the background. I have a feeling that he would've like that, too.

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