Friday, March 6, 2009

Adventures in Eating

Little Adah is an eager eater. But only for whole foods. She staunchly refuses mush. She will hold the mush in her mouth, never closing her lips ( I think for fear she might accidentally swallow the mush) until the mush runs, all slimey and liquid-y, back out her mouth and down her face. Yuck.

What to do? I did a little reading up on baby-led weaning. For those of you who are totally unfamiliar with this, basically, we skip the mush and go right to finger foods; allowing the child to lead the way with eating solids rather than vice-versa.

Adah has responded to this with aplomb. She attacks the food on her tray, literally lunging at it and pouncing on it with her fat hats, then shoveling into her face. She only eats a little. She still mostly sucks what I give her, tasting it, gumming it, then spitting it back out. It is an awful mess and not for a parent that cannot tolerate cleaning up after true disaster-style messes.

I think it's hilarious and I am happy to make her happy. And truth be told, I feel freed from the annoyance of spending months coaxing her, spoon in hand, to eat mush.


  1. Oh yes! Gita did the same thing! As soon as she was ready to eat, she balked at baby food and would only eat the food if it resembled what we were eating. I thought it was because she was the third child and wanted to be like everyone else....
    But I certainly did not mind lugging around baby food wherever we went....and I loved that she would just feed herself at mealtimes.
    Adah is a cutie pis with that bread hanging out of her mouth!
    good luck,

  2. Rats!
    David beat me to the punch! I was about to say~ Gita did that! LOL