Sunday, March 22, 2009

Don't mind us, we're new here: Humility Fail.

First sad, then mad about the news that he is not in charge.
Anybody else concerned about this child's need for power, of late?

Have you ever visited the Fail Blog ?*(see note at bottom)*
I find myself thinking in terms of this blog all the time now. Forget to Iron Gabe's shirts? Wife Fail. Burn the chicken? Dinner Fail.

We went to church this morning. It's a church we have been visiting for a few months. We really like it in so many ways, but we are still trying to determine our place there ( or where?).

During the children's teaching this morning, Ms. Sue, the children's leader was teaching about Proverbs 3:5-6--
Trust in the Lord with all of heart. Lean not on your own understanding,
In all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

She was particularly emphasizing the "acknowledge" part; trying to teach the children what means to acknowledge God, to give Him the power and authority in your life over all matters.
She was doing that by teaching them that we should allow God to be "in charge", because He really is, anyways.

Numerous times throughout the teaching she mentioned God being "in charge".

"So kids, who's in charge?", Ms. Sue opines, trying to teach about humility and trust.

Each time she said it, E. would announce loudly, "I'M IN CHARGE!"

Me, blushing and looking around at the patient smiles from our fellow church goers, would whisper, "E. please be quiet. No. You are not in Charge."

"I'M IN CHARGE!", E. announces again and again with gusto.

Later, I tell him, you know, "Really, Mommy and Daddy are in charge."
Daddy says, "Really, I am in charge."
I say, "Really, God's in charge."
E.'s response?, "I wanna be in charge of God."

Great. Just great. A little insurrectionist in out midst. Humility Fail.

Is it okay that I find (a little) humor in this.....if I promise that I will work with him on this until he understands that he can't be in charge of God, or me or Gabe?

*(View at your own risk: can be sort of questionable humor at times. Sometimes totally innocent, too. If you're worried, there is a G-rated section, look for that.)

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