Monday, October 12, 2009

Lots and lots of little wooden people arrived on my doorstep today. I opened the box and my stomach sank; I began to feel a little queasy.

I've had encouragement from admiring friends and family to sell these dolls ever since I painted them for my nieces last Christmas. I admit that I haven't jumped at the idea. I didn't really enjoy painting the dolls.

But, Gabe and I did the math and each little doll cost $0.05-$0.50. They sell for $5-$25 a piece online. It seemed like for such a small investment in money, though a rather large investment in time, it was worth a shot.

I applied for a big upcoming craft show here in Asheville. I have not heard anything yet about that, so for now I will be painting these to sell online. The hope is that these will supplement our rather tight income with a little babysitter, date night, Christmas shopping, fun money. We'll see!

I guess I better get started.... there are 200 0r s0 of those *%!@!#%@ dolls waiting for me.

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